2017 Standing Rock Trophy Elk Live Auction

The Standing Rock Game and Fish Department through it's most recent Elk Survey's that there are an estimated 100 to 150 head of free ranging Elk on the Standing Rock Reservation. Some of the Bull Elk are in the 340 pt plus category

Because of the increase in these numbers, the SRST Game and Fish Department will auction off 2 Trophy Bulls for the 2017 Season.

The particulars of the Bull Elk Trophy Auction are as follow:

  • If not already registered or have never hunted on the Standing Rock Reservation, go online to register.
  • Once registered go to the Game and Fish Online licensing site.  If you need help go to our online help page. From there you will be able to:
    • Buy Licenses
    • Apply for lotteries
    • Enter Online Auctions
  • Trophy Elk Auction particulars
    • 2 Trophy Elk will be auctioned off
    • The two highest bidders will be awarded.
    • Bidding starts at $2500.00
    • All bidders may auto bid and set the maximum price they want to pay.  You can change your maximum bid at any time.
    • You will receive an automatic email each time you are the high bidder or have been outbid. (check your spam and junk mail)
    • Bidding will start on 04/01/2016 and run until midnight 06/30/2017.  Bidding may continue past midnight on 06/30/2017 if there are still active bids coming in within a 10 minute period of time of each other

If you any questions, contact the Standing Rock Game and Fish at 701-854-7236.