2017 Tribal Member Elk Hunting Season

Tribal Member Hunting Season

Over the past couple years the Game and Fish department has been collecting scientific data on the Elk Population on the Standing Rock Reservation.  Our most recent data indicates that there are approximately 100 to 150 free roaming Elk on the reservation.

This information was forwarded to the Game and Fish Commission, and during their last meeting it was motioned and passed to have a limited Elk Hunt on the Standing Rock Reservation for Tribal and Elderly Tribal Members.

The following guidelines were established:

District Donations:

  • The Game and Fish Department is going to award 8 Cow Elk for the districts.
  • Each District will decide a designated shooter to come forward for their district to harvest a cow elk.
  • The meat is to be used for district activities as each district sees appropriate.
  • All shooters will be under the supervision of the Game and Fish Department.

Tribal Member Elk Hunt

  • For the 2017 Hunting Season there will be 4 Cow Elk and 2 Bull Elk available.
  • These 6 Elk will be awarded by the way of lottery.
    • Tribal Members and Elderly Tribal Members may apply for either the cow or bull tags or both.
    • Lottery application fees are $5.00 and you may apply up to 5 times for either the cow or bull elk.
    • Application dates are from 04/01/2017 to 06/30/2017.  If you are successful you will be contacted by email or checking our website.
    • If successful the season dates are 09/01/2017 to 12/31/2017 for both the cow and bull elk.
    • There will be a license fee of $100 for the cow elk, and $200 for the bull.
    • All lottery application fees are nonrefundable.


  • If you should happen to draw both the cow and bull tag, you must decide which one you want.  The forfeited tag will be placed back into the pool for a second round drawing.
  • Starting in 2017 if you draw an elk tag you will be ineligible to apply in future years.  These tags are once in lifetime for hunters.
  • All hunts will be supervised by the Standing Rock Game & Fish