Attention all Antelope Hunters.  All tags are printed and are available for pickup at the Tribal Office.  If you need it mailed or need to make special arrangements, please call Pearl Three Legs at 701-854-7236


Non Member Doe Antelpe Tags will be avialble online 08/21/2023.  These will be sold on a First Come/First serve basis.


Attention all Tribal Guides.  To be eligible to guide for the 2023 Big Game Season you must have registered at the Business Office and have your guide license prior to Noon Friday, August 11th.  


2023 Standing Rock Big Game 2nd Draw Lottery and Auction Results Are Now Available


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Game & Fish Department

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Game and Fish Department welcomes visitors who wish to hunt and fish on the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. The Nation covers approximately 1.6 million acres and is located in the states of North Dakota and South Dakota. Hunters who desire to hunt on tribal land will need a hunting license issued by the Tribe.

There might be confusion about the laws of our Tribe, but we want to make it clear about tribal law. If you wish to hunt on tribal land, you will need a Tribal License. Regardless of what you are told by state authorities, the Tribe has authority over who hunts on tribal land.



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