2016 Standing Rock Game & Fish Commission Meeting

Posted 2/25/16 (Thu)

The Standing Rock Game and Fish Commission, met on Wednesday February 25th, 2016 to set the tentative dates, fees, and license availabilty for the 2016 Hunting and Fishing Season for the following categories:

  • Deer Archery
  • Deer Rifle
  • Antelope Rifle
  • Antelope Archery
  • Deer Antelope Combo Hunts
  • Spring Turkey
  • Spring Geese

All the recommendations for Tribal Members, Spouse of Tribal Members, Affiliated Tribal Members, Tribal Resident Non Members, and Non Resident Non Members, were drafted and the proclamations are being prepared and will be sent to the Tribal Chairman for final approval.

Note: If approved, all dates, fees, availabilty, and sales dates will be posted on this site tenatively by the end of next week pending approval. NO OTHER INFORMATION WILL BE AVAILABLE until that date.