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2019 Big Game Antelop and Deer

Posted on March 20, 2019

2019 Big Game Antelop and Deer

2019 Non Member Big Game Season

Beginning on 04/01/2019 lottery applications will be available for the 2018 Hunting Season.  This online lottery system will be used to determine successful canditates for all Deer, Antelope, and Deer/Antelope Combo tags.

  1. All Non Tribal Hunters will be able to enter each big game lottery up to 5 times at a cost of $20 for each entry.  All lottery entries whether successful or not are nonrefundable.
  2. Individuals may apply as a party of up to 5 individuals.
    1. The first person applying will receive a lottery ID number for each lottery entry (up to 5).
    2. All other applicants with that party must usse each lottery ID number form the first person for each application submitted to assure you are grouped into the same party.
    3. Anyone failing to use the proper lottery ID will automatically put into the lottery as an individual application.
  3. The system will allow for multiple automated drawings to assign all available tags.  If you are unsuccessful in a particular drawing and there are available tags, your name will be automatically entered into a second drawing  until all available tags are assigned and claimed.
  4. Hunters that do not draw in a particular lottery will be given preference point he next time they apply for that same drawing.  The preference pont will be one extra entry for each year a hunter is unsuccessful in drawing a particular tag, up to 10 points (10 years).  Once a hunter is draw for a particular tag, the preference is reset to zero.
  5. The first round drawing will take place the first week in June.  All successful and nonsuccessful applicants will be notified by email of your status.  Lottery applicants can also view results on the Standing Rock Game & Fish website.  Note: Your email settings may block an email sent to you.  It is important to if you do not receive an email the first week in May to view the results through our website. Contact our office
  6. Upon nitification of a successful drawing, hunters may go online and purchase their big game licenses (tags will be mailed at a later date) online or you may call the office to purchase your license.  All successful 1st round applicants will until 06/15/2019 to claim your tag.  If you do not claim your tag by the deadline, your tag will be placed in a subsequent drawing and you will be ineligible for the next round.
  7. For all NonMembers/Non Resident, Tribal Resident/Non Member, and Affliated Tribal Members the following tags will be on the lottery for the 2019 Season.  Check Season dates and availability
  • Antelope - Buck Only
    • 125 Non Tribal Member
    • 20 Doe tags may be available after June Aeiral survey
  • Deer - Buck Only - 4 point on one side minimum.
    • 600 available for Non Members
    • 50 Available for Affliated Tribal Members
    • 50 Available for Tribal Resident/NonMember
  • Deer / Antelope Combo - not available in 2019 season
  • Deer Doe - 100 are available for the 2019 Season by lottery for All Non Tribal Members 
    • Note:  When applying for an Antelope or Deer lottery, if successful you will have the opportunity to either select archery or rifle when claiming your application.  A hunter may not possess both an archery and rifle permit.

NOTE:  If you are the first member to apply as a party for a lottery and you want to enter yourself 5 times as well as the rest of your party.  You will receive 5 separate Group ID's.  The first person applying must answer "yes" this is the group application, and "yes" I am the first person to all applications purchased.  You will receive 5 separate lottery group ID's and all subsequent party members must use these group ID numbers when purchasing their lottery applications.  DO NOT enter yourself 5 times and use the same group ID on all applications.