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Posted on April 24, 2015


   Tribal Sportsmens License

During the Game and Fish Committee meeting on 04/24/2015, the Commission discussed, recommended and passed a new permit called a "Tribal Sportsmen License" for Elderly Tribal Members, Spouses of Tribal Members and Tribal Members.  This license allows sportsmen with the above status' to purchase a single permit and the bearer of this permit the following opportunites:

Family Fishing
Small Game
Prairie Dog
Upland Game

The intention of this permit was two fold.  To reduce cost to Tribal Members, their Spouses, and Elderly Tribal Members.  Reduce time to travel to purchase multiple licenes and reduce adminstration cost.  The cost of this license is $5.00 for Tribal Members and their Spouse.  Elderly are free of charge.  The adminstrative charge of $5.00 still applies to Tribal Members and their Spouses. 

NOTE:  All deer, antelope, and turkey licenses will need to purchased addtionally at the office.  This Sportsmens License is also available online.