Standing Rock
Game & Fish Program

 Goals & Objectives


The Standing Rock Game & Fish Department desires to progressively manage its natural resources for their continued existence, health, and diversity, as well as for the benefit and enjoyment of its members.  It is understood that fish, wildlife and associated habitats can be managed to a high degree without overexploitation of any species.  It is also understood that wildlife and fish populations are a renewable resource that can and should be harvested according to the limits of each species.  This management plan reflects the following philosophical principles:

  • The primary objective of this plan is to maintain fish, wildlife and non-game species in sufficient numbers and variety, to meet the present and future econommic, recreational and aesthetic needs of Tribal members now and in the future.
  • Once Tribal member consuptive needs are met, additional consumptive and/or non-comsumptive recreational opportunities by other parties can be offered if appropriate and approved.
  • Fish and wildlife are revewable resources sensitive to changes in land use and weather patterns 
    (I.E. population fluctuations).
  • Game animal populations will be managed so that populations are at or just below carrying capacity of the land.  Optimal sustainable yields are most desirable.  Populaiton surpluses will be maximized through annual harvests, or by other means necessary.
  • Fish populations will be maintained for their recreational, aesthetic and nutritional values to Tribal members.  Access to fish populaitons will be an important facet of fisheries management.  Other aspects pertaining to fisheries management, i.e.hatchery operations and commercial baitfish operations are also included in this plan.
  • The SR-GF will continually evaluate the fish and wildlife mangement goals and pratices of this plan by measuring the responses of targeted populations in concert with Tribal member desires.

The Standing Rock Game & Fish Department program seeks to provide the maximum outdoor opportunity while protecting its natural resources.