Lottery Information and FAQ's

For the 2024 Big Game Season, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is using a lottery system for Deer, Antelope and Elk. This is a weighted system that allows hunters to gain points for subsequent drawings if unsuccessful in previous years.  The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe uses a multiplyer system as displayed below.

Year Points # of Chances
0 1 1
1 2 3
2 3 7
3 4 13
4 5 21
5 6 31
6 7 43
7 8 57
8 9 73
9 10 91
10 11 111
  • As you can see in the 5th year, the hunter would have 4 points.  The 4 points is squared to 16 points plus a point is added for every year (5) and added together.  So in the case above the hunter will have a total of 21 points or your name is in the lottery 21 times.
  • Standing Rock Sioux Tribe allows hunters to apply or puchase addtional points up to 5 times.  This is beneficial to hunters if it is the first time applying or recently drawn.  These points are added to the points you are entitled to and increases your chances in the first example.  These points that are purchased or added to the year applying for d DO NOT carry over from year to year.
  • The maximum amount of points a hunter can acquire aer 10.  Which means at 10 points your application will be able in 111 times.
  • Odds are still best in a group application.  If one person in your group is draw, all are drawn provided you correctly listed your group when applying.

Changes to 2023 lottery

  • In the past, we have allowed a maximum group size of 5 people per group.  This year the group size was increased to 6 people.

Lottery Application Process

  • When applying as a group, the first person to apply will be asked:
    • Is this a group application.  Answer = Yes
    • Are you the first to apply.  Answer = Yes
    • You can select from 1 to 5 chances.  If you select 5 chances you will receive 5 Group Lottery ID"s.
    • Other members of the party will need all five of these Lotterty ID's when purchasing their lottery applications.
    • Other members of your party when purchasing their lottery entries will be asked:
      • Is this a group application.  Answer = Yes
      • Are you the first to apply.  Answer = No
      • You will then be prompted to enter a Group ID#
      • You enter the first Group ID# from the list of 5 from the first member.
      • You must repeat this process for each Lottery ID one at a time.

In the example above once completed properly, if all people in the group purchase 5 lottery chances.  Members of your group will be in 5 different lottery pools (groups).  If one person draws out in any one of these 5 pools, the whole group is awarded.

NOTE:  When entering the lottery, if you have applied in the past and you can't log in, DO NOT CREATE a duplicate profile.  Doing so will affect your ability to apply your previous points to your profile and will affect your odds of drawing.  IF YOU CAN'T LOG IN.  Call the Standing Rock Game and Fish at 701-854-7236.

NOTE: If you were awarded a tag in 2022, but failed to claim it, you lose your lottery points from the previous year(s).